Monday, November 12, 2007

a budding career?

my mommy just crocheted a pair of gloves and asked me to take a picture of them.
this is how I did.

what do you think?
my favorite part of the picture is the sun shining into the shot.

I love taking pictures with mommy's camera but it sure is heavy!!


Anonymous said...

very very nice. great framing, and yes the sun peaking over your mom's shoulder is fantastic. a very well composed picture. (don't worry, as you get older the camera will get lighter!)
GRADE: A+++++

Richelle said...

You are going to be a great photographer just like your mom!

HelenMDuncan said...

You will be a great photographer like your Mom and your Dad. How can you not be with them as your parents? Talent runs in the family. Keep up the good work, Zoe. Gramma is very proud of you!

KleeGirl said...

Hi, Zoe, I really like your picture, it is so good! Just like mommy and daddy.


Bethany said...

gillian says:

we should meet one day, zoe, we would have a lot of fun!

i like your picture!